Jeff and Graham

Jeff and Graham (not ec copyright)
When we began our lives together, there was no thought in our minds that marriage would ever be an option.  Our relationship has survived for over thirty years primarily as a result of our commitment to each other.  Without a doubt, though, the support of our families and friends has made this much easier.
The world has changed a lot in that time.  Many nations now recognize same-sex marriages.  While our government now recognizes us as a couple in virtually all areas (particularly where it is in their economic benefit to do so), they still refuse to view our relationship as a partnership worthy of their formal recognition.

The time has come to end this last bastion of discrimination, and give us the right to publicly celebrate our relationship through marriage.

June 1980

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  1. Philip

    What a well worded and poignant statement this lovely couple make. It is true that the support and acceptance of family and friends help with the longevity of all relationships as well as the support of Government.

    We rely on Government to foster a Society where such things as freedom of religion, freedom of speech and equality are paramount. Until such time as couples such as Jeff & Graham are permitted to publicly declare their union via means of legal marriage, the Government and Society itself has fallen short of their commitments to its citizens.

    If this bill were not to come to pass, the Prime Minister and her colleagues will continue to see same sex unions as revenue or a way of preventing expenditure. We would be doing Jeff and Graham and all other same sex unions an injustice if we were not to support, acknowledge and legalise their relationship.


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