A message from Mrs Woog

Date of Commitment March 2002

We are committed to each other in every way. I am committed to be the best mum and partner I can be. I am committed to my family and watching the choices I have made make me happier each day.

I am committed to love, fun, life and exploring.  I enjoy the comfort that my commitments bring me.  It is an unquestionable feeling of belonging and peace.

Being committed does not need to be pin-pointed.  It is found in everything you do for each other.  It is an incidental perk of love.

I am committed to raising awareness of the unequal rights of gay and lesbian families in our country.

And unless the Australian Government starts talking seriously about instigating equal rights for ALL families and couples,  then perhaps they are the ones that should be committed.

Mrs Woog, Mr Woog and the Woogettes.

March 2002

Comments for “A message from Mrs Woog”

  1. Glowless @ Where's My Glow

    >Well said, as always, Mrs Woog.
    P.S. You, Mr Woog and Woogettes are looking mighty fine in that pic… you should be in a Kmart catalogue or something.

  2. PlanningQueen

    >Nice one Mrs Woog! Don't understand why the govt find this so hard to understand. Lovely family pic BTW.

  3. Rikki

    >All you need is love ……………. Oh and a few rights. May my five children grow to see a world where love in any manifestation is celebrated! May they be granted the rights to love without prejudice, fear or ignorance. Let there be not just great big melting pots, but smorgasbords before, laden with rainbow colours bright! Can we please look with new eyes and see that diversity is our joy, our lifeline! Let us evolve and embrace a new day. Let such things need no longer be debated but just accepted. I want my grandbabies to shake their heads at the olden days and me to sit with the wisdom of age, smile and say so proud to have witnessed this change.

  4. Anonymous

    >My partner and I met in 2003. We're getting "married" in Las Vegas this year and moving to Australia because it's her home – and I feel like we will have a better chance of life there than in the US. At least in Australia we will have a shot at a fair go – we have no chance in the US the way things are headed. Bless you and your beautiful family and hey – we could end up neighbours, you never know!

    "Mr." Smith


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