A message from Senator Louise Pratt

I commend the Commitment Project for celebrating the lives and long loves of lesbian and gay couples. Thank you to all the couples and families that have shared their stories.
These stories show that nurturing a long term partnership is no small thing, it takes work – but comes with limitless rewards.
When I met my love, Aram, he was a very handsome woman – and now he is a very handsome man. So I know, when you find your soul mate, your love for them is bigger than the box or category others might like to define you by.
It is my hope that one day in the not too distant future all couples, should they choose and regardless of gender should have the right to marry. I am certainly working to that end

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  1. Anonymous

    >Hi Senator Pratt,

    Thanks for your post on this very inspiring site. Since you posted as a proud member of the ALP and mentioned same sex marriage, I would be interested to know in what ways you are working on getting same sex marriage passed into law, especially in the light of the ALP's continued rejection of the whole idea of anyone apart from a man and a woman marrying, and the Victorian ALP's shocking abandonment of the issue in May. It might also be interesting for readers to know that a post-operative transgendered person would be able to marry a person of the opposite gender under the current marriage act. Thank you in advance for any hope on the issue from within the ALP ranks – there's been plenty of rhetoric, but I'd like to know how the message is being sold to all ALP members. Michael.


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