Jason and Scott

Jason and Scott

After 12 years we’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff, to talk openly and honestly and to not take each other for granted.

After the almost 13 years together, being married feels a million percent different
It feels like the circle is complete, the relationship is deeper …. it is hard to describe, but is totally wonderful.

After that experience, I am more determined than ever to see this country get out of the dark ages and start respecting the love of all its citizens …. not just those who fall in a particular category


April 1999

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  1. Scott

    Thank you again for this initiative and the update. Jason and I a truly proud to be part of this campaign and grateful for your kind words following our weddin gin NYX this year.

  2. Scott

    So, a little update. We’ve been married almost 2 years now (we have stopped counting the years together!) and couldn’t be happier. We’re forging a marriage of our own, one that isn’t defined by other people’s expectations, but one that reflects our personal needs and personalities. Love is Love is Love is Love …..


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