Jo, Penny, Jemima, Red and Pippi


When we first fell in love we never anticipated the family we would be able to create. We are very lucky

May 1993

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  1. Anonymous

    >For some reason this beautiful family brought tears to my eyes. I think it is the way the mums are looking at their kids… I feel the same way when I look at mine – why should these people be discriminated against when I am not (simply because I am in a heterosexual relationship)

  2. Lizzie

    You are lucky. And like all lucky people with happy families, you deserve the right to choose marriage, if it seems right for you and your family. I hope the legislation goes through because life can get a lot easier and the future can be more straightforward and safe when your relationship has a formally and legally recognised status. All good and lucky families deserve the same rights and protection under law. And the Lucky Country should offer equality to all those like you who have been lucky in love.


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