Andrew and Justin

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We chose to marry in Toronto, Ontario as we discovered the laws in Canada were the least restrictive for same sex couples, and it provided a great opportunity to drive across North America in a Mustang! Our wedding was witnessed by a group of very colourful well known locals, who arrived at our ceremony to support us in numbers within 24 hours of meeting us…magic. After 13 and half years of madness, hilarity, warmth and adventure, we are more than aware that what makes us work is that we have given each other access to the furthest depths of vulnerability, but inherently trust that we will never go there and protect & support each other intrinsically. Oh and BYO Sense of humour!






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  1. Robin

    I flippin’ LOVE the way you two love each other. It’s aalwys a blessing to see a friend in a beautiful marriage, to know they are with the person they are meant to be with.Also? Second row, middle shot: You are BEAUTIFUL. PS Your guys’ descriptions of one another? Spot on.


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