Brad and Matt

Matt and Brad

At the time of this photo we are in our tenth year together.  We always wanted to wait for marriage to be legally available to us before having a ceremony and feel that day is coming.  But laws not allowing us to marry didn’t stop us becoming engaged, which we did on a beach at night (risking life and limb because we couldn’t see where we were going!) in Swansea, Tasmania in 2009.  We both wear matching rings in commitment to our engagement and look forward to the day when we can exchange vows and be married like our friends, parents, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbours, colleagues…

Jan 2003

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  1. Philip

    Welcome to the Project guys. Nice to see you onboard and to read your story. I too feel that the time is coming and hope that we will all soon enjoy that which is rightfully ours.

    Phil & Peter


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